The winter here in southern Italy has been very mild throughout December and early January. This has been perfect for encouraging us to get outdoors on walks, on the sea with kayaks and generally just feeling good. But I’m girl from England and I am surprised how much I miss cold winter weather (not the rain!).

News reports from home tell tales of recent frost and snowy weather striking many parts of the UK and I feel I maybe missing out! At last I have spotted the snowy peaks of the southern Apennines that sweep across the north of Campania marking the boundary to Molise and Abruzzo.

A trip to Matese was organised and as we drove along the steep and windy road from Piedimonte d’Alife to Lago del Matese, the snow flurries intensified and the temperature dropped to below freezing.


The sight of the lake that greeted us as we began to descend into this broad valley was breathtaking! It was very cold, very windy … it was a snowy heaven!

Lago del Matese promises to be a great place for picnics in warmer weather and there are walks around the hills. I have included maps that offer the would-be-walkers a guide to the area.











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