Bacoli, Campania


The weather throughout late winter has continued to bless us with warm air and bright skies. So unlike last year when it seemed to rain every day and was much cooler. The lack of rain maybe a concern for farmers, but for those of us who can afford the time to get out and make the most of this clement weather it is a joy. Warm sunshine that bids us to remove outer jackets and yet not the debilitating heat of later summer weather.

A wander around Bacoli in sunshine is always a delight. The views are pretty whether across to the eastern edge of the Bay of Naples with the sight of Vesuvius and its peak in the clouds, or westwards to the islands of Ischia and Procida. But Bacoli has much to offer on its own. The narrow intimate streets wind their way along the coast to Baia and the area is rich in Roman history. The harbour was once the home to the Roman Naval Fleet at the time of the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD and the ‘Capo Miseno’ was home to Pliny the Elder who then set sail from Bacoli to take a closer look at the eruption, only never to return.



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