Baia di Ieranto, Sorrento Peninsula

I love the coastal area of Sorrento’s Peninsula. It offers such a variety of walks and even the chance for a swim at the end of a hike if the conditions are favourable. On this occasion we just hiked and enjoyed a picnic along the way from the village of Nerano to the Bay of Jeranto. Views fabulous of course (I keep saying this, but it is true!).

Baia di Ieranto (7)

The April weather was fresh and warm but we did ‘enjoy’ a shower of rain just as we arrived back to our car in the small village of ‘Nerano’. Luckily the little cafe was open, and we were able to take refuge from the rain and enjoy a coffee whilst chatting with the owner. A large dog wandered in off the street too and decided to lean against my leg for comfort and to have his ears rubbed (he was very wet!).

Baia di Ieranto (13)


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