Conca Dei Marini, Amalfi Coast

We chose a weekend to enjoy our first proper visit to the Amalfi coast back in April. The weather had been wonderful, but this weekend promised mixed skies and a little rain. Arriving early on the Saturday morning in full glorious sunshine, we wasted no time in exploring the little harbour and beach that lies quietly hidden at the foot of Conca dei Marini. Very pretty and as it was still outside the main season it was blissfully peaceful too. I cannot get enough of the greens & blues of the sea along this coast. A feast for my eyes! Lucky that I took this photos as we awoke to heavy downpour of spring rain on the Sunday morning. But that in itself was also beautiful.

Amalfi Coast (8)

I didn’t know that this little cove existed, nor the hamlet. We have driven through the hamlet once before, but as the road is so often busy, it is easy to miss. Conca dei Marini is just a cluster of houses on a rise that climbs steeply from the sea up to the mountain range looming magnificently to the north. It owns an illustrious history being frequented by the rich and famous such as Sofia Loren, Princess Margaret, Henry Kissinger  and Jackie Kennedy. However a destructive landslide rendered the beach inaccessible for some years until it was reopened back in the 90’s.

Naturally, its history goes back much further and there are tales of Roman glories, followed by economical depressions due to the diminishing trade along the Mediterranean coastal towns and then an era of plague. It’s beautiful now – quiet, unassuming, very pretty and home to a beautiful sea grotto.

Amalfi Coast (3)


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