Monte Virgo, Campania

It’s simply wonderful to get away from the crowded coastal areas and up to the foothills behind Caserta. My son and I planned this shortish hike from the village of Casertavecchia to the top of Monte Virgo in late May. The weather was warm and sunny and we set out in high spirits along the winding track that wove back and forth through woods before releasing us out onto open meadows with fabulous views across the hills to Matese and Benevento. The sun felt very hot and bright by lunchtime and we were glad to reach the top where the breeze was light but cool. Here is our view looking west to the coast. I would love to take this hike again but in the autumn when the air is mellow and the woods in their autumn splendour.



3 thoughts on “Monte Virgo, Campania

    1. Thank you! I can see the similarity. I hope you are enjoying sunny weather. It’s been unbelievalby wet in parts of the UK. 🙂


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