Autumn Days on Capri

imageThe shorter days, longer nights and evenings are allowing me the pleasure of reviewing the the past couple of months since my last post.

Summer was hot and busy, and this took its toll on my sense of calm and well being. Having bid my last visitor goodbye in mid-September, I then had to pack my own bags and head back to England for a couple of weeks to see two of my sons off to University. Not a moment to relax until the beginning of October!

I miss my boys (of course!) but the chance to enjoy a calm and quiet house with my husband has been bliss. In October we celebrated our anniversary in Capri where the sun shone warmly and encouraged us to do some hiking around the beautiful coastline. I love Capri and Anacapri. It is busy with tourists throughout summer but by October it calms down and the heat eases off. The views are astonishing and never fail to take my breath away. A lightening storm added to the drama of our island stay.


Sunset from Punta Carina, Anacapri


View East from Monte Solaro

Whenever we visit the island, we head directly to Monte Solaro to enjoy the views and the walks across its heights. The paths are not easy to spot, so it is worth consulting a map or asking the locals to indicate the start of the trail. Thereafter it is easy … and wonderful!


The Cliffs on the Southern Edge of Monte Solaro

I love this view and the way the trees cling to the steep limestone cliffs. We sat on the ridge above a steep drop to the sea (we checked carefully to see if it was safe … confident it was and is!) and enjoyed the sun and the tranquillity away from a busy summit near the chairlift.






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