Floating Islands

One of our favourite jaunts when the weather is fair, is to take a drive to the Massa Lubrense high above the pretty coastal town of Sorrento.

The drive seems to take an age as the narrow, serpentine road snakes its way up above the busy town,  past endless groves of citrus and olives until finally reaching the highest villages of Termini and Nerano.

The time it takes is soon forgotten once we leave the car, take a deep breath and gaze …

Our last visit in late October offered us clear views of Capri  which seemed to float in the hazy morning light.


Capri in the Morning Light

We chose one of the many walks that criss cross this green and lush peninsula with its charming hamlets and stunning views. Whichever way we go, the walk is always enjoyable. Fair weather offering sun and clear views delighted us, but other times we have enjoyed fresh and blustery weather too!

We headed down the well signposted trail to the Punta Campanella; a route often busy with tourists in summer, not least because of the views but the promise of summer bathing in the coves at its end. We didn’t swim this time; the sea looked just a little too rough around the rocks.

As we reached the car back in the village of Termini, the sun was sinking fast and we caught Capri in the beautiful evening light.

A lovely day!


Capri in the Evening Light


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