Path of the Gods … a winter hike

The Path of the Gods has to be my favourite walk … the views are always spectacular unless of course the cloud is so low, that one cannot see anything at all!

A steady stream of visitors and friends with us over Christmas and New Year and with  a blissfully cold snap of weather, I was keen to invite them all out to hike the path over on the Amalfi Coast. Everyone with us was a keen walker even the younger teens.

Arriving in Bomerano for the start of the hike, exiting the warmth of the car to step out into the icy air was like stepping into a freezer (yes I have done that working in a supermarket!). And the first stop is always the little cafe situated just off the square in Bomerano. We chatted with the cafe owner and cleared out her mornings supply of ring doughnuts, which we then munched as we worked our way to the official start of the path.

FullSizeRender 14

The clouds were scarce or high up leaving us with crisp, clear views along the coast to Capri. I never tire of this marvellous view. We also enjoyed flurries of light snowflakes which delighted us as we sat and ate a picnic at the midpoint along the walk.

Three sheepdogs joined us for our picnic, lured by the smell of something edible … they came rather too close for comfort and we did wave them away, so they nimbly jumped up the terrace above us and were immovable until we packed everything away.

FullSizeRender 11

The weather is now warming up and I am looking forward to another hike up there very soon.

FullSizeRender 10


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