Coast and Sea … An Uncomfortable Truth

I love to walk by the sea, taking in the fresh air and the views across the channel to Ischia, or north towards Gaeta. On a good day, with the wind from the north east (Appenines) the beach is usually clean enough to think that this is a place of ecological riches. There are dolphins (& occasionally whales so I am told) around Ischia, there are sea birds of many kinds and I particularly like to observe the terns diving for fish. The following image was captured on one of my summer evening walks … delightful!

Along The Seashore

Truthfully, the realities can be unpalatable. Turquoise seas and cerulean blue skies still cannot hide the immeasurable quantities of rubbish that end up on the shoreline here. Whether it has been discarded by day trippers to the Lidos that line the shore or whether the trash that is deposited by the surf originates from the commercial shipping that uses Naples port is a mute point. Both types of trash are evident.

But it can look nice …


Today the beach was in a poor state and I make no apology for this comment. The issue of sea pollution needs to be voiced if we are ever to make amends to the damage already done.

I attach an interesting video about plastic pollution. It is direct and startling in its truth, but also has a note of optimism.  Perhaps one day we will clean up our act …?


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